Logon Screen Rotator

Logon Screen Rotator 3.2.0

Periodically changes the background image of the logon screen

Logon Screen Rotator is a program that will periodically change the background image in the logon screen. You can tell the program to use any given image, which you will specify under the "Images" tab. Or you can choose a folder or even groups of folders. The program will look in those folders for images, and will use them to change the logon background periodically and randomly.

In the "Settings" tab you can configure the way in which you want the program to work and how often it will change the images. You can set the size of the thumbnails that will let you preview the images before selecting them, the change interval (if you set it to none, the current image will remain), how the image will be displayed, or if you want the program to look in subfolders when searching for images. You can also revert any change you have done to the previous configuration. From this tab, it is also possible to check for updates for this program.

The interface includes fields that suggest that this program will be able to rotate the system wallpaper. This feature is disabled right now.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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