Logon Screen Rotator 4.4

Logon Screen Rotator 4.4

Free Allows you to customize and rotate the background image of Windows logon screen
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If your Windows system is configured to show the logon screen when you turn it on (e.g., if you have configured several user accounts), you will have to see the same background image every day ─ or even several times a day. Thanks to Logon Screen Rotator, you can change this image manually or automatically to a funnier or more inspiring one, and so start your work on a better state of mind.

The program offers you an intuitive interface with four simple tabs that allow you to get the job done with just a few clicks. The first tab is "Change image", and it allows you to change the above-mentioned background image manually. You can let the program choose a random image from your image collection or you can specify your favorite one. From this tab you can also lock your workstation to see the changes applied.

Then you can move to the "Images" tab, which allows you to create your image collection. You can add and remove any number of image files in all the most popular formats, such as BMP, JPG, and PNG. Next is the "Folders" tab, which behaves similarly to the "Images" tab, except that the "Folders" tab allows you to create a folders list for the program to take the images from.

Last tab is "Settings", and this allows you to configure the general program's behavior. Here you can select the change interval from the following values: none (manual change), at each logon, once a day, at each computer lock, and at computer lock and logon. You can also select the image display mode among stretched, stretched maintaining the aspect ratio, and center. Finally, you can also configure the program to take the images only from the selected folders or from their sub-folders also.

In short, Logon Screen Rotator is a lightweight, intuitive and easy-to-use app which allows you to change the background image of your Windows logon screen either manually or automatically at the specified interval.

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  • Easy to use
  • Allows you to change the logon screen background either manually or automatically
  • Allows you to create an image collection for your background images
  • Supports all popular image file formats


  • Poor visual design


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